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Evan Solnik is the bassist for Dark Trilobite, and has been playing bass since 2010. He loves to cook, travel, play video games, and hang with his cat, Mystery. You can find him on his social media accounts. Evan plays a little piano and guitar when he is outside of Dark Trilobite.



Isabella “Isa” Cymrot is the lead vocalist and occasional keyboardist/guitarist for Dark Trilobite. She has been singing practically as long as she has been talking.  She joined Dark Trilobite in 2013 after the original vocalist left. When she’s not singing, she is baking, playing guitar, or rock climbing.  Little known fact, Isabella is fluent in Spanish.  Her Mom’s family is from Peru and she loves visiting family there. You can find her on Instagram @isa_cymrot.  

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Max Mendelsohn has had a lifelong passion for music.  A devoted fan of Classic Rock, Max's musical career began with the piano at age 7. Soon thereafter, he became one of the founding members of Dark Trilobite as the band’s keyboardist.  For his 9th birthday, his mother finally relented and bought him his first guitar, and he has never looked back. 



Sammy Rabinowitz is Dark Trilobite’s drummer and a founding member of the band. He began playing drums at the age of 4 when his parents wisely put drumsticks in his hands.  Now 14, Sammy loves drumming and all forms of music.  He is particularly inspired by musicians Jimi Hendrix, Chad Smith, and Dave Weckl. A student at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, he also plays other forms of percussion along with piano.  When not playing music, Sammy loves playing ultimate frisbee and is a loyal devotee of the Washington Nationals). He also loves to read, play video games, and hang out with his friends, family, and his dog.