Dark Trilobite

Dark Trilobite was founded in 2011 through Bach2Rock Bethesda’s Band Program. The band’s original five members, three of whom are still with them, played drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and vocals. Through a change of singers, the loss a guitarist, and a switch of instruments, the band now consists of four members: Isabella “Isa” Cymrot (vocals/keyboard), Max Mendelsohn (guitar/keyboard), Sammy Rabinowitz (drums), and Evan Solnik (bass). Dark Trilobite, or DT, plays a variety of music from alternative and rock to reggae and funk. Since 2015, the band has won three consecutive Battle of the Bands competitions. They are currently working on an EP, which will be released May 11, 2019 and consists of four songs. The songs were written by the four members, with the lyrics by Isabella. Her lyrics consist of messages about overcoming hard times, saying goodbye to people close to you, and the struggles of friendship. The band also performs covers, with songs by Phish, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Paramore, among others.

Air Guitar DT Picture.jpeg